Local Court Representation


Traffic law including: drink & drug driving; excessive speed offences; drive unlicensed; drive unregistered vehicle; license suspension appeals.


Criminal law including: bail applications; sentencing; hearings & appeals; assaults and domestic violence; stalk and intimidate; drug possession & supply; sexual offences.

Court representation starts from $440.00 with Legal Aid Applications welcome.

Civil & Commercial Law

Tribunal matters including: breach of contract & damages; building & tenancy disputes; debt collection.


Neighbourhood disputes including: excessive noise complaints; dividing fence disputes; tree disputes.

Family Law

Property settlement & binding financial agreements; parenting and children's matters;  separation & divorce; family dispute resolution.

Legal Aid Applications welcome.

Wills & Probate

Last will & testament; power of attorney; enduring guardianship; application for grant of probate; estate distribution; family provision claims.